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a man who spearheaded the civil rights movement. 50 years ago in washington martin luther king delivered a speech in washington. he uttered the words "i have a dream." thousands gathered at the lincoln memorial at the national mall 50 years on. president obama was joined by bill clinton and jimmy carter. obama said king and other civil rights leadee local assemblieses, congress and even the white house. but he also expressed concern for the nation's economic disparities that are widening, not shrinking. >> as always has been noted, black unemployment has remained almost twice as high as white unemployment. latino unemployment close behind. the gap in wealth between races has not lessened, it's grown. >> opinion polls suggest that 79% of african-americans say the country still has a long way to go before it achieves a society free of racial prejudices. >>> i have a dream w those words martin luther king jr. inspired people everywhere to join him in his quest for equal rights for all. 50 years after the speech, people continued to reflect on the importance of his vision. the reverend dr. m
be reinstated. envoys from washington, the european union, and persian gulf countries have been engaged in mediation efforts since late july. they hope to prevent a showdown between the government and morsi supporters. the diplomatic intervention was sparked by the government's decision to forcibly disperse the pro morsi protesters. the government said the mediation has not achieved the hoped for results. it blames morsi's support base the muslim brotherhood. interim prime minister said the government is set to disband protesters according to the will of the people. a senior leader of the muslim brotherhood told nhk the world is aware the government was installed through a military coup. he said there can be no dialogue until morsi returns to the presidency. the brotherhood is calling for another round of major demonstrations on thursday when a festival begins to celebrate the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. observers say more clashes could erupt. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and eu foreign policy chief katherine ashton have released a joint statement expressing concern a
and palestinian chief negotiators met over two days in washington. u.s. secretary of state john kerry mediated. he said the negotiators will hold the next round of talks in two weeks either in israel or the palestinian territories. >> i can assure you that these negotiations and it's not our exception to argue about the past. but to create solutions and make decisions for the future. >> it's time for the palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. >> negotiations to create the long sought palestinian state endured many stops and starts. the palestinians quit the last round of talks in 2010 to protest against the expansion of israeli settlements and returned to the table after israeli leaders agreed to release more than 100 prisoners. nhk world joined us from jerusalem to discuss why the sides agreed to try again. >> in a nut shell they vowed to renewed pressure from the united states. secretary of state john kerry made mideast peace his priority. he has traveled to the region six times to encourage a return to the negotiation table. neither wanted to be the who stood i
about the hold washington has over prit an's biggest and most important intelligence agency and asked whether dependency on the nsa has become too great. >> italy's supreme court upheld a ruling for berlusconi. it could 3 the government into crisis. judges upheld a jail sentence and that's automatically reduced to a year to the law aimed at reducing overcrowding in prison. they recrewed the second part of the sentence, a foof-year ban from public office. >> that are i argued that berlusconi used offshore companies to buy the rights for u.s. movies. they said he lied when declaring how much he paid and avoided about $9 million in taxes. he said in a video message that the fraud he had been convicted of is cleompletely unfounded. he has the second largest party in the ruling government and the ruling could destabilize a shaky coalition. >> the leaders ofity low's baghdad government warned protesters to end their sit-ins. members of morsi's power base in the muslim brotherhood are not backing down and call on reports after friday's prayers and two squares in the capital. they are placing
survey. >>> "the washington post" has been a journalistic icon in the you united states. now the ceo of i.t. giant amazon.com is buying the paper. many traditional u.s. print media have been the targets of acquisition in the age of the digital revolution. "the washington post" has announced that amazon.com founder jeff bezos will buy the paper and its affiliated publications for $250 million. the "washington post" founded in 1877 has been hit by slumping advertising revenue and a loss of subscribers. bezos has said he will ask the "post" executives to remain with the paper. he has indicated that the internet will play a role in any management reforms he may carry out. he has also noted that the internet is transforming almost every aspect of the news business adding that he will need to experiment. the question now is whether the newspaper will be able to rebuild itself under bezos. >>> executives at japanese electronics giant sony have rejected a proposal by a major shareholder to spin-off their entertainment arm. they say the bid is crucial for the firm's growth. the executives made a d
temporary asylum. washington admits that decision was a factor behind the cancellation of a moscow summit between president barack obama and president vladimir putin. the one on one meeting was supposed to take place next month ahead of the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. white house officials say obama will go to the g-20 meeting. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues that a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> she also cited the gap between the two sides on missile defense, nuclear disarmament and human rights, but she says that the u.s. is committed to dialogue with moscow. she said her government will host a meeting of russian and foreign defense ministers on friday as scheduled. many senior u.s. lawmakers have supported obama's decision. washington says it will continue demanding snowden's extradition. putin's presidential aide is disappointed at the summit cancellation. he said the decision clearly shows the u.s. is not prepared to develop relations with russia on an equal basis. but he said the invitation for obama to
to remember a man who spearheaded the civil rights movement. 50 years ago in washington, martin luther king delivered a speech and utter the words, i have a dream. thousands gathered at the lincoln me moria will on the national mall 50 years on. president obama was joined by two former presidents, bill clinton and jimmy carter. he said king and other leaders helped change a sem pleas and congress and even the white house. he expressed concern that disparities are widening and not shrinking. >> this has been noticed like unemployment remained almost twice as high as white unemployment and latinos close behind. >> 79% of african-americans say the country has a long way to go before it achieved the society free of racial prejudices. king inspired americans from all parts of the country. 50 years after the speech, people are reflecting on his vision. martin luther king was born in 1929 in georgia and dedicated his to fighting discrimination. in august of 1963 he joined in the march on washington and thrived the words that would be repeated over and over. >> i have a dream. that my four little c
adds that he has invited sharif to come to washington to meet wh president barack obama. washington is aiming for complete withdrawal of its combat troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. it's apparently keen to mend the relationship with pakistan which has great influence over the security and reconstruction of its neighbor. >>> the philippines and vietnam are both locked in territorial disputes with china in the south china sea. the foreign ministers met in manila on thursday. they agreed to aush asean member countries to speed up negotiations with china to establish a legally binding code of conduct that would prevent major conflict. rosario of the philippines plan to ask for cooperation from other member nations. when the asean ministry conference is held in thailand later this month. at june's meeting in brunai, ministers agreed to hold talks in september, but member nations are not equally enthusiastic about the issue. those which are not in territorial disputes shy away from confrontation and value economic ties with china. other members worry that negotiations will drag
washington post," one of america's most influential newspapers will be sold to the founder of amazon. it reported the deal on monday describing it as a stunning turn of around. they will pay $250 million in cash for the flag ship paper and affiliated pubtations. the chief executive of the "washington post" company said the revenue declined seven years in a row des tight cost cuts and stressed they reach a decision as a way to succeed rather than survive. the next round of talks on the transpacific partnership is approaching. the cuts will be one of the key issues. japanese officials admachinish what others do before clarifying on rice and farm products. the japanese officials are holding an intensive prepare tori session before the talks that started on august 22nd. they are expected to commit a list with national plans for agricultural and industrial goods. tokyo officials are dividing products into those for tariff removal and staged cuts overtime. discussion on a third that includes rice, wheat, and other food products will be shelved for the time being. japan's liberal democratic
and deep south. drenching rain could batter the areas like new york city and washington, d.c., on your tuesday. across the flipside of the continent, dry weather continues. in fact very dry across the northwest. wildfires have been reported and unfortunately more wildfires could occur due to strong winds and low humidity. temperatures will be 27 degrees in seattle and 27 as well in los angeles. it's going to cool down in chicago into the mid-20s as well as toronto and cooling down also in washington, d.c., on tuesday. all right, finally in europe then not much change since yesterday. lots of clouds toward the north. severe weather is happening in some places and dry across the south, and temperatures are going to be quite mild in many areas, such as berlin, 21 degrees for the high. 24 in warsaw, and 19 degrees for new london. but the iberian peninsula is still on the hot side. 35 for you in madrid with plenty of sunshine. here's the extended forecast. >>> we have one more story to share with you before we go. russian defense officials launched on monday a sporting event with a differen
in washington, d.c. they were protesting against domestic surveillance of america's intelligence agencies. >> if you have a government that is watching you or has the ability to, that will prevent people from saying what they think. >> i understand national defense and everything, but not at the expense of privacy for american citizens. >> the practice is widespread. it's not only the intelligence agencies working on national security that are doing it. in pennsylvania police departments hunt criminals with pictures from secure and other cameras. entering them into a facial recognition system. this is where pennsylvania's system is run. this surveillance camera picture shows someone facing to the side. it could be modified to a front-facing image. >> five major points and the green and gray are secondary. you have the points lined up, the systemic mas a 3d image and you put it in a neutral pose. >> then it is compared with photos in the state's databases and they hold images of people who have been arrest and other people too. starting in may, police were allowed to access the database of
a dream speech at the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. on august 28th, 1963. >> i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream -- >> his historic speech electrified millions of americans fighting for civil rights. he received the nobel peace prize the following year for his tireless work. but during a visit to tennessee in 1968, he was shot and killed. he was just 39 years old. on saturday, thousands gathered in washington to commemorate his historic speech. 50 years on, some americans feel king's dream of racial equality is just that, they say discrimination still exists in the u.s. and they point to controversial policing tactic in new york as a prime example. nhk world has the story. >> 25-year-old nicholas pert was one of the members of class action lawsuit. they took the department to task over a tactic known as stop and frisk. >> it's a hostile experience to be stopped and frisked. you have every right to be upset. >> reporter: one of millions
including washington, d.c., and new york city. that could impact your morning commute. temperatures are going to be cooling down slightly across the east. 28 degrees for you in washington, d.c., and 26 degrees in new york city. excuse me, 28 degrees for new york city as well. finally in europe, lsevere weather is battling many areas, but areas like denmark, northern germany, nice conditions will return. and you can see some nice conditions in some places. this is the picture coming out of denmark yesterday. and if you are living in the southern parts of the continent, you could be seeing another sky show, that's the meteor show tonight, because of sunny skies and clear skies at night. temperatures will be quite mild in many places but very hot still in the iberian peninsula. here's your extended forecast. >>> before we wrap up, russian military commanders have launched a sporting event with a difference. competitors raced armored vehicles while shooting at targets. they're calling it the tank biathlon. organizers modeled the event on the traditional biathlon, where target cross coun
america. widespread heavy showers across the eastern third of the u.s. including washington, d.c., as well as new york city, and on friday heavy rain will linger in the southeast and northeastern part of the u.s. and southeastern canada. now on thursday some small tornadoes are possible. now across the midsection of the u.s., this is the area series of a low pressure system is moving through. isolated tornadoes, damaging winds and hail are going to be a problem into your friday. showers are likely for the southwest and mostly dry across the northwest. temperatures are pleasant, though, in seattle at 21 degrees for you. scorching hot across the south. that's 37 in houston and oklahoma city. finally in europe then across western europe, quite high temperatures. yesterday the mercury hit 34 degrees in heathrow airport in london. and in paris you saw the high going up to 35 degrees. i want to show you this video coming out from paris. after scorching july temperatures well above average, paris baked under the sun on thursday rocketing temperatures have driven sunbathers to cool off in fountain
, and that is to defend japan. >> roos says leaders in tokyo and washington must implement the u.s. military realignment plans that have been agreed upon. he argue us this would reduce the impact of american bases on okinawa. relocating the u.s. futenma air station in okinawa is part of the plan. roos became the first u.s. ambassador to japan to attend ceremonies marking the bombings in hiroshima and nagasaki. >> president obama, as you know, has promoted an agenda of elimination of all nuclear weapons. i had no doubt that the president would support that decision to go, which he did. >> roos says it will be an honor for obama to visit hiroshima during his presidency. >>> chinese patrol vessels circled japanese territorial waters around disputed islands for 28 hours until they finally left. this was the longest intrusion by their government vessels since japan nationalized the senkaku islands last september. officials of the japan coast guard says four chinese coast guard patrol vessels entered japanese waters in the east china sea on wednesday morning. they remained there until noon on thursday. a ship
in new york city and washington, d.c. thunderstorms for you in oklahoma city and then down to the south, it's really like soup here. so humid and so hot, those heat indices are going to be into the 40s for you in louisiana as well as along the gulf here. it will feel very, very hot. do take care. it's going to be affecting you. i'll leave you with your extended forecast. >>> that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us. enjoy your day. >>> a group of indonesian transgender people parade through the streets wearing traditional st
with a high of 24, washington, d.c. up into the 20s. really mid to high 20s across the board in much of the great lakes towards the northeast. by next week it's going to look more like denver. we have high pressure working its way in from the west bringing warmer air with it. here in europe the main topic here is the high pressure. that is dominating much of central and eastern europe. some pop-up storms down towards south. a few could provide gusty winds, up to about 65 kilometers per hour. but the other threat is the train of storms off to the north. one low pressure area after another. we have this one here moving over the scandinavian peninsula going to bring showers with it. even this cold front dipping down towards the south. another system's going to come in from the west off the atlantic, impact the british isles on saturday going into sunday. but really what these are also going to be doing, they're going to usher in cold air. right now, london, you have relatively cooler temperatures, 21 for your high. but in paris and berlin, those temperatures are going to start to work t
the people. >> analysts say this call for compromise reflects washington's position that unity between the united states, south korea and japan is essential to stability in east asia. >>> two weeks have passed since the japanese government acknowledged that contaminated groundwater from the fukushima nuclear plant might be leaking into the ocean. the government and the plant's operator are now doing everything they can to stop the leaks with a series of counter measures. experts warn that there are more pressing issues than just focusing on the groundwater. nhk world's yoichiro tateiwa has more. >> reporter: crews at fukushima daiichi have spent days working on the latest stopgap measure. they've been driving long pipes into the ground at the nuclear plant. they will use the pipes to pump up tons of radioactive groundwater before it reaches the ocean. but they admit they can't capture all of the tainted water. two weeks ago, government officials said that hundreds of tons of groundwater flow from a mountain through the site every day. 400 tons filters into the reactor buildings. the of
washington's position that unity between the united states, south korea and japan is essential to stability in east asia. >>> workers at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant are busy mopping up contaminants. they found that highly radioactive water was leaking from at least one storage tank. workers found about 120 liters of water just outside a low wall around tanks at reactor four. they detected 100 millisieverts per hour of radiation near the surface of the water. the maximum exposure limit for nuclear plant workers is 50 millisieverts per year. the water was leaking through a pipe used to discharge rain water from the wall. the workers closed a valve on the pipe and the leak stopped. officials from the nuclear regulation authority are investigating the leak. they've instructed the people at tepco to collect soil samples and quickly determine the cause. crews tried to control the plant need to be on guard every day because of the hazards they face. two more workers have been exposed to radiation above the safety limit. it's the second such incident in a week. the workers were waiting for
has the latest on options for action in syria. then we return to the march on washington 50 years on. tonight reflections from
confirmation. kennedy spoke in washington at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech and cited what she called an old japanese proverb. the water flows on, but the river remains. encouraging people to work together for a better world. >> now it's our turn to live up to our parents' dream, to draw renewed strength from what happened here 50 years ago >> her father, john f. kennedy, was u.s. president when king delivered the speech, calling . for an end to racial discrimination. >>> japan's railway engineers have a long track record in developing high speed trains. shinkansen trains first started crisscrossing the country 50 years ago. the fastest bullet train in service reaches speeds of 300 kilometers per hour. engineers are now conducting test runs of a new train. the l-0 can travel at 500 kilometers per hour. nhk world reports. >> reporter: the l-0 uses a technology developed in japan to race over long distances at superfast speeds. it's called superconducting magnetic levitation. officials have just opened a new track for test runs in centr
's agenda this week. visiting the philippines may ease concerns among u.s. allies that washington's focus is being pulled back towards the middle east. it also sends a message to china that the importance of asia remains a priority to the united states. nhk world, manila. >>> it was hot and sunny in tokyo, but it wasn't that way in western japan. the area was hit by heavy rainfall and even flooding. for more we turn to meteorologist robert speta. robert. >>> yeah. let's first start off talking about what is going on out here across the sea of japan coastline with this front that is pushing through here. we also have a tropical storm out there in the east china sea. but this is really dropping some tremendous amount of rainfall there in western kyushu, reports up yards about 300 millimeters in the past 24 hours. the rain's really coming down out here, even into the hokuriku region. you can see the cloud cover continuing to stream onshore with the stationary boundary. and that is just pushing the rainfall on shore into the mountains there and it's resulting in some flooding. show you video
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